Whilst aimed at school and university leavers, this video by the  Felix Thornley Cobbold Agricultural Trust is relevant for service-leavers too. Take a look and I'll bet you'll see how your pre-existing technical, logistics or project management skills can be applied and developed in support of producing food for the nation.

There are more videos on emerging technology in the Info Hub.

Inspiring Veterans and Creating Career-paths

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You are interested in working outdoors. You probably hate the idea of sitting in an office all day. But you want a new career with prospects and a decent income. You might think you don't have any relevant experience but you'll be surprised at just how broad this sector is and what a range of opportunities exist.

One way of finding out more is to attend The Rural List networking event on the second Thursday of every month. Run in partnership with the Royal Agricultural University and specialist executive search organisation, The List, this provides an ideal opportunity to talk to employers, educators and veterans about the opportunities which exist and how to prepare for them.

We will soon host an information hub including links on these pages. We area also developing a series of gateway short courses, with various expert partners, which will enable you to get the basic information, experience and confidence you need to then land your first job in the sector. In the meantime, drop us an email and we will try and help.

We are also keen to host resettling personnel for a civilian work attachment (CWA). Please get in touch to scope opportunities.



You know that veterans generally are great team-players, hard workers, reliable, loyal, quick learners and physically robust. But you are not sure how their experience is relevant to your business. 

We can advise you on targeted recruitment, skills mapping, interpreting CVs and even support you and your new veteran employee through the early stages of their employment. Our support will be a great investment as, once appointed to the right position, your veteran employee is likely to have a significant positive impact on productivity.


Recent research has confirmed that veterans find it very difficult to access information about agriculture and land-based jobs, careers and education/training. It's simply a blind spot in the transition system. So, it's not surprising that take up of your courses by ex-service personnel is low.

We will support you in accessing the thousands of veterans who flow out of the forces every year and help you make your offerings accessible and attractive to them. We are particularly keen to work with training providers who wish to partner with employers to provide Gateway jobs for veterans and develop pathways into long-term careers.

Careers in Agriculture

Just look at the huge variety of careers available in agriculture.

Data analysis, logistics, capability development, animal care ...

Credit: Farmers Guardian This is Agriculture


Produced by the British Growers Association, this video gives an insight into the huge range of careers available in the UK growing sector.

- Autonomous vehicles

- Logistics

- Controlled growing environments, Quality control ... 



I can help - An offer of support from Fiona

Many resettling personnel are concerned that resettling during the Coronovirus pandemic period, including in the face of a long period potentially in isolation at home, is going to derail their resettlement plan.

I would like to help.

The bottom line is that you will need to do resettlement a bit differently this year and the usual advice may not fit very well. You will be able to attend fewer events and courses and you may need to take part in online events which may be a new experience. So it has never been more important to think clearly and thoroughly understand your personal  situation and priorities. 

If you are a resettling service-person and would like to access some free support, please contact me and we can set up a totally free, no-strings-attached video call.

Or just Zoom me now ...


Why are you doing this? 

I am self-employed and can choose how to use my time. I benefited from the kindness of the community during my resettlement and now have the opportunity  to support others in my turn.

Is it really free?


What relevant experience do you have?

I wasn't in isolation for my resettlement, but I was on exchange as the only UK service-person in my location for my resettlement so some of the strategies I learnt can help. In the last two years I have provided free one-to-one coaching and career change support to nearly 100 personnel of all ranks and cap-badges. I am also a SSAFA mentor.

Are you a qualified coach?

Yes. I hold a post-graduate certificate in coaching from Henley Business School, University of Reading, a very respected awarding body. 

I'm not sure. Have you got any resources I can access first?

Yes, I'm dropping resettlement exercises here as quick as I can write them down and test them. Please download, use, adapt and share ... and then give me any feedback to make them better.

Also, I'm hosting webinars and  posting the recordings of them on LinkedIn , CVs and non-traditional (online) interviews. (They are not professional quality but still packed full of the best advice and top tips I can offer.)



What is this?

The Monthly Resettlement Exercise is a simple written exercise designed to help you focus on a particular aspect of your resettlement planning. If you know you should be planning but would like a framework to help you, this series is for you.

Periodically we will publish a new exercise to help you progress through your personal estimate and develop your personal resettlement plan.

My Resettlement Timeline

Identify key dates, set goals and plan your resettlement activity in good time.

Elevator Pitch Builder

How to engage new contacts instantly with an effective personal pitch.

Networking (Coming soon)

Why and how?

Business cards

Using LinkedIn

Knowing myself (Coming soon)

A self-analysis tool to help get to the heart of what makes you "tick" and therefore what type of employment you should be seeking.


Why are you publishing these?

Most service personnel in resettlement intend to plan but a majority find it difficult to know how to approach it. Some are overwhelmed by the challenge, some are very busy, others just need a framework to help them get started. What is clear is that those who manage to plan, with very few exceptions, get a more positive resettlement experience.

I believe every service person is capable of making a positive contribution in their second career. This is my way of helping.

Who should do these exercises?

Any member of HM Forces who is approaching the end of their service will benefit from spending a few minutes each month on these exercises.

Others considering changing careers may find some of the content useful too. although they are specifically aimed at the service community.

How can I get more?

A comprehensive manual for personnel entering resettlement will be available soon. Watch this space!

Can I download and keep them?

Yes, of course, but as I will update them based on user feedback, you might want to check back for updates or buy the manual, which will be available from this website soon.


These exercises will soon be available as a personalised manual. We are offering a FREE copy of the pilot version to any-one whose feedback on these exercises we incorporate into the manual. So do please provide your ideas below.