A unique access course for those transitioning into agriculture, food and the wider land-based sector.

We are very excited to be developing this course in partnership with a leading education provider. More details very soon.

The course will feature:

- 2 week on-line element

- 2 week residential (with optional 1 week extension)

- several visits to rural businesses

- small study-groups in a course of 20 maximum

No former business or agricultural/food experience is required

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The first course is planned for May 2020 with subsequent editions in October 2020 and April 2021.


When will the first course be held?

We are planning for spring 2020.  Exact dates will be released very shortly. Sign up now to be amongst the first to know.

Who can attend?

Any former or serving member of the armed forces or spouse who is interested in developing a follow-on career in management within the land-based sector.

What is the entry standard?

We do not expect to require any specific academic standards for personnel who have served in a leadership role at any rank.  However delegates will be asked to complete written team exercises and to present back at an employer forum. Prior experience leading small teams, writing reports and presenting oral briefs will be useful. Email with any specific query.

Is this just for army officers?

NO!  This course is suitable for anyone who has served in HM Forces. We are also keen that spouses apply.

Can I pay for this with ELCs?

Yes, the course will be eligible for a single ELC payment.

Is there accommodation?

Yes, the course will be fully residential with three meals available daily. The subsistence element will be charged separately to enable reimbursement via JPA.

Can I go on to further study?

Yes, our provider partner is working to ensure that this course will earn credit points towards further online and residential study you may wish to access as your new career progresses.

Who is accrediting this course?

We are not able to release this information yet but it is a well-known university which was graded in the top 10 UK universities in 2019.

Why haven't I heard about this before?

Recent research has confirmed that veterans find it very difficult to access information and suitable courses about land-based careers and education. It's simply a blind spot in the resettlement system. This course is new and is one of several that will plug the gap.

In Development

The following courses are in development. If you are interested in being kept informed, sign up to receive the Director's BLOG or email

Agri-Engineering. This will be suitable for VMs and workshop managers from across the services who wish to transfer their skills to work with farming and industrial fleets.

Food Defence Awareness. This course will be for those wishing to develop their pre-existing security knowledge and apply it in the food chain.

Food Defence investigator. Aimed at those with service investigation or intelligence experience, this course will enable you to apply those skills in the food industry.





A bespoke programme to give you initial experience and then match you with an employer an training provider for on the job training for up to 2 years. At the end of the Veteranship you will have successfully transitioned into your chosen new career and be ready to take the next step armed with qualifications, experience and, most importantly, confidence. Email to discuss your bespoke programme or send us a message:



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