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If you are considering recruiting a veteran into your rural business, you have come to the right place! We are the only company in the UK which works exclusively to support ex-forces into the land-based sector. 

We want you to employ a veteran!

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Veterans Work

Although not targeted specifically at the land-based sector, this video, produced for a Veterans Debate hosted by Kate Silverton and Deloitte on 21 February 2020, emphasises the positive impact veterans can have on any business.

Gateway Jobs & Work Experience Opportunities

We're passionate about opening up land-based careers to professionals with prior out-of-sector experience. The combination of deep lifelong experts working with career-changers who bring a wealth of diverse experience and outlook is highly likely to drive productivity and innovation. We'd love to collaborate on projects to develop opportunities and support career-changers.

A key enabler which benefits all is identifying Gateway Roles, where the portable professional skills, such as leadership, project management, teaching, mentoring and logistics are brought by the veteran providing immediate impact in the rural business. Service personnel are used to learning new roles fast: they are sure to pick up the missing 20% sector knowledge quickly. If you wish to collaborate to make such an opportunity available, please get in touch.

Work experience is very easy to provide for a resettling military person as the MOD allows serving personnel paid time to attend an organised placement. If you feel able to offer work experience placements from one day up to a few weeks long, please get in touch. There is no cost to you.


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