Testimonial (Coaching Client - City of London Financial Analyst, Nov 2018)

"Our conversation certainly helped me focus on the things that are important to me"

outcome-focused CAREER COACHING - what to expect

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Changing career is hugely challenging. Outcome-focused Coaching is built around achieving the life and career outcomes you seek. The key building block is the goal, probably expressed as where you want to be two to five years after the career change.  We will work together to define that goal and then build a pathway to it. If you want support throughout the journey, we can do that too.

There is no charge for the initial 45 minute consultation which can be conducted face-to-face, by phone or video-call.

3-in-3 (most popular)

Three one hour sessions over three weeks.

Every coaching course is built around the individual and your particular goals. However, as an idea, this short coaching course might be shaped like this:

INTENTION. In the first session we will conduct a suitable exploratory exercise to help you really get to know what matters most to you personally. Armed with this new, deeper understanding and perspective, you will already be in a better place to narrow down your career search. You will agree to conduct follow-up activities between sessions to maximise the value and ensure you are personally driving the programme and homing in on a desired follow-on career.

CAREER. In the second session, we will build on your new insights to develop an intention for your new career search and introduce relevant contacts and personal introductions to undertake the search for a gateway job. You will agree to undertake certain follow-up activities to lay the foundation for a successful job search.

JOB. In the third session, we will analyse approaches to the career through various job roles and develop an approach to the job application campaign.


Six coaching hours over five weeks to achieve positive insight and a new direction. By the end of this programme, we will have mapped out a new direction, you will have acquired the baseline knowledge you need and together we will have have moved significantly towards achieving your goal.


If you want to focus on a single issue, a 1-in-1 session may be suitable. In order to ensure sufficient time to reach a positive outcome, a 1-in-1 session lasts 90 minutes.